Emerald Gems Good for Investment?

Is your birthday in May? If so, lucky you the stunning green emerald is your birthstone! A scarce gem, the emerald is a symbol of beauty, status and power, valued particularly for its rich color.
Many people purchase emerald gems and emerald jewellery simply for their beauty and appeal perhaps as a romantic keepsake or special gift for a loved one without even considering their value as an investment.
How many people do you know who buy emeralds for their cash value?
Although emerald gems are not as popular as stock investments, there are savvy jewelers and investors who consider acquiring emerald gems as assets a serious business, and one that rivals the difficulties of many conventional investment vehicles.
There are many things to consider when purchasing an emerald for its investment value. First, let answer one very important question:

Are Emeralds Good for Investments?

The answer is a big YES! Here are some solid reasons why emerald gems could make a great contribution to anyone investment portfolio:
1- They’re small and easy to store unlike stocks, cash, or real estate and other traditional forms of investment; valuable emerald gems are conveniently small in relation to their cash value. Just imagine: a gem worth $10 million could fit in the palm of your hand! This makes emerald gems the ultimate investment vehicle for non-detectable and easily kept assets. You don’t need a big bank vault or an army of accountants to keep track of them for you!
2- Private and anonymous investments currently, transactions related to emerald gems and other precious stones do not require reporting to government agencies, as long as you’re a private owner and not an emerald dealer. This means you can invest in emerald gems without having them listed as part of your public records. Private investors can store emerald gems wherever they wish, be it a bank vault or a personal safe. This is ideal for investors who want to keep their assets safe from prying eyes.
3- Emeralds gems don’t easily fluctuate in value unlike stocks and mutual funds that require regular checking to keep your money afloat and earning, emerald gems command a stable value in the market, and can save you the hassle of constantly checking the stock market and moving your funds from one stock to another.
As we know, today economy is facing high levels of inflation, and this trend is expected to continue. For this reason, investing in emerald gems is a good idea, since their values don’t plummet like stocks and other traditional investments. Even when the price of high quality diamonds fell by 20%, emerald gems held their value some even saw a price increase.
If you want to start buying emerald gems as an investment, be careful about where you get your emeralds. Be diligent in researching information before making a purchase. Check the emeralds color, clarity, carat and weight. Emerald gems hold their value over time and their price is expected to go up as time goes by. Choose your emeralds carefully who knows how much your wise investment could be worth after a few years!