UK DELTA GEM company founded in 20th February 2018 under registration number 11214927, and started its official activity thereafter. The Company in beginning started its activity in London Gold and Jewelry Market. The head office of the company is located in London.
Company’s activity includes: 1- Expertise, Purchasing, Sale, Supply and investment in the field of diamonds and expensive gems according to regulation governing on London Gold and Jewelry Market for the purpose of direct supply to buyers and investors with no control intention. 2- Investment in the field of exploitation of diamonds and expensive gems mines in all countries especially in South Africa, and depositing the jewelries with the banks and valid financial institution for investment. 3- Providing related services with the market of diamond and expensive gems including: 3-1- Obtaining and presenting jewelry insurance policy. 3-2- Exploitation, participation and accepting capacity in mines. 3-3- Financing turnover 3-4- Guarantee Liquidity, company’s products (diamond and expensive gems) 3-5- Investment and partnership in establishment of financial institutions, exchanges and related markets.
Improving the structure and providing new solutions to increase the efficiency and reducing the risk of trading basket of diamonds and expensive gems, with the aim of increasing participation in the field of expensive gems which have a more comparative advantage, replacing new method with the old ones, expecting overall improvement through a long-term plan, and increased investment in the company’s products basket. Providing more services and facilities to respectable customers for easy and risk-free purchasing with access to information, inquiries and products specifications in order to expedite and provide more transparency in customer information. Reducing non-systematic risks existing in the market of diamond and expensive gems. Looking for reducing the collection time concerning the principle and profit of investment.
Code of Ethics
In order to satisfy our customers, we (staff and managers of UK DELTA GEM Company) hereby promise and will be loyal for: Advice and providing required information to customers. Providing association’s environment in a manner that clients of the company are fully assured. Providing customer service with equity and fairness Paying attention to customers’ talks and demands and maximum effort for responsiveness and service presentation. Presenting required information to colleagues in order to provide optimized services and accelerating the execution of affairs in a desirable manner. Performing duties effectively, efficiently and quickly enough in accordance with the company regulations. Timing based on the documented method Confidentiality and non-disclosure of secrets and customer information Observing rules and regulations accurately Refusal to surrender documents to those who