More than millions of dollars for a piece of stone

In your opinion, what are the most expensive stones in the world?

These gems are very expensive because of their rarity or appearance. These stones are found mainly in different parts of the world and just a small amount of them could turn unlucky people into wealthy happy one. In this article we will introduce you four of the most expensive and rare stones in the world

Bahia Emerald

At the moment “Bahia Emerald” is the largest raw uncut emeralds available in the world. This emerald consists of several main branches of the emerald, stuck in a large gem. This gem totally weighs about 1.9 million carats and its price is close to 900 million dollars. It caused this gem known as the most precious gemstone in the world. This gem found in 2001 for the first time near a mine in Brazil

Neelanjali Ruby

Ruby is one of the most precious stones you are familiar with. Ruby, in certain conditions, accepts patterns that are like small stars. These patterns on gem will increase their value and are also very rare. “Neelanjali Ruby ” is a ruby that has two stars on its own, which is almost rare and unique in the world. After discovering it in 1988, it quickly entered the Guinness Book of Records. This gem price is about 100 million dollars, as it is very rare.

Jubilee Diamond


In 1985, near a mine in South Africa, a worker found a brown and luminous stone that weighed about 151 grams. After being evaluated, this diamond went under cutting for two years, in a safe underground, away from robbers, and then turned into the largest cut diamond in the world. The diamond was sold to Thailand for 120 million dollars.

Smithsonian Alexandrite


One of the rarest gems in the world is “Alexandrite” and it’s very hard to find. The stone was first seen in Sri Lanka and then sent to America for cutting. This gem weighs about 65 carats, known as one of the most valuable jewels in the world. This gem price is close to 100 million dollars and is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest and most expensive Alexandria.