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Antwerp (in Dutch : Antwerpen ) (in French : Anvers ) is a city in Belgium and the size of the city and suburbs of Brussels ‘s second largest city and the urban unit is the largest city in the country.
This city is the capital of Antwerp and also the most populous city in the Flanders area . According to the latest figures, the population of Antwerp in 2014 was 510,610.
The city of Antwerp is located on the right bank of the Escaldes , and has long been one of Benelux’s most important cultural and economic centers . It is also home to Belgium’s economic activities. Port Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world. This is the second largest port in Europe and one of the major transportation and trade centers on the continent. The port also has the largest collection of petrochemicals in Europe.


Antwerp’s history dates back to a small village that made the Romans and flowers . In explorations conducted in the Scheldt region from 1952 to 1961, parasfals and fragments from the middle of the second century until the end of the third century AD were found.
Name of the city of Antwerp for the first time in the fourth century AD as a Germanic tribe settlements Frank mentioned. The city’s name is said to be derived from the words “anda” (aside) and “werpum” (the pier). Another story is “an der Warft”, which means “beside the harbor.